about typeflow


Typeflow was started in 2008 by Keith Snyder, an NYC print production designer by day and novelist by night, at the worst moment of the Recession. This was either an audacious move or a stupid one, depending on who you ask. It might have been both.

At the same moment, ebooks were beginning their explosive rise in the book marketplace, so Keith watched some videos, did some studying, and began adding ebooks to his print design services.

Ten years later, he has written articles about ebook development for Digital Book World and EPUBSecrets and designed, produced, and art-directed books, directories, and manuals for a long list of publishers of all kinds and sizes, as well as troubleshooting and taming large-scale production workflows and taking care of the ebook side of things for designers who prefer to focus on print.

He lives in the NY greater metropolitan area with two kids and more bicycles than originally intended.